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Combined Calendar for District6

List of Lodges, Bodies, Chapters and Orders for District 6

  • Crawford Lodge No.294
  • Crawford OES No.242
  • Curfew Lodge No.73
  • E. K. Walker DeMolay
  • Gee Lodge No.21
  • Havana Lodge No.167
  • Hiram Lodge No.5
  • J. Edwin Larson Lodge No.361
  • Jackson Lodge No.1   Website
  • Marzuq Shrine   Website
  • Robert Butler Lodge No.305   Website
  • Scottish Rite Valley of Tallahassee   Website
  • Tallahassee OES No.119
  • Tallahassee York Rite
  • Washington Lodge No.2
  • Washington OES

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MISSION: Our mission is to provide information for the various distircts of F & AM Masons in Florida.

VISION: Our vision is to be a helpful source of information for events

Please note that My Florida Mason is not related to, or attempting to usurp, the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida F & AM. To view offical Grand Lodge information please click here